9mm Parabellum Bullet’s New Song “Answer And Answer” Music Video Released



The music video for 9mm Parabellum Bullet’s new single has been published. The single will come out on May 29th to celebrate their 9th anniversary.

The music video can be viewed on their official YouTube channel starting April 28th.

The new song is like an anthem among fans at their shows and the video features the groove from the musicians and some matching visual images.

After the release of the new single, 9mm Parabellum Bullet is going to release a new album on June 26th, accelerating their career with a national tour starting in July.

On September 9th, they will have an event called . It will be a day for 9mm. Let’s celebrate their 9th anniversary together.

New Single”Answer And Answer”
May 29th 2013

[Limited Edition with LIVE DVD/ SPECIAL EDITION]
3 songs total/ Novelty DVD
Paper Jacket
TOCT-45078 9th Anniversary Special Price 1,999 JPY (tax in)
1.Answer And Answer
2.Snow Plants
Live Movie & Document From “39 -Thank You- LIVE” 13.03.09 At Fuurin Kaikan
Ticket Replica Sticker

[Regular Edition]
TOCT-45079 \1,000 JPY (tax in)
1.Answer And Answer
2.Snow Plants
The first press of both limited and regular editions have a ticket for special lottery.

Details to be announced.

5th ALBUM “Dawning”
Coming out June 26th 2013
TOCT-29168 9th Anniversary Special Price 4,500 JPY (tax in)
[Limited Edition with All video clips SPECIAL EDITION] (9th anniversary version)
13 songs total and video clip17songs.
■Limited Edition has an exclusive novelty. Details to be announced.
[regular Edition] 13 songs total
TOCT-29169 2,800 JPY (tax in)
※Limited to the first press.
National Tour October and November 10,11

Official Website: