flumpool is in serious need for a guitarist. Kazuki Sakai takes time off from making appearances to go on strict diet.



On their official website is Sakai’s comment for fans.

To sum it up, he says he has been recommended to go on a diet from his band members and their manager but after repetition of weight loss and rebound, he ended up looking far away from a rock musician.

Since October marks their 5th anniversary, he decided to go on a serious diet with a fresh mind. For this, he is going to take 2 months break to focus on the diet and if he reaches his goal weight (64kg) by the end of June, he will come back.

However this is only an “appearance” break. He will still be at production, recording, on blogs and radio shows.

Ryuta Yamamoto(Vo) says “I wish him big success in this diet and hope he grows bigger in a good way. I would like to cheer up this 5th anniversary year.” Accepting Sakai’s will to go on a diet, other band members followed and sent messages.

Also after the news of Sakai’s “on-site” break, the official website started looking for his replacement for “appearance only”.

The requirements are “A person who looks like Kazuki Sakai” “A person who looks good in a jacket” “Who can be funny and cool” “Someone from the West” “Someone who is used to be on stage” and so on. It remains a question if there’s anyone who meets these requirements but let’s keep our eye on who will be picked as his replacement.

Flumpool is releasing a new single early summer to fuel up their 5th anniversary year opening show on October 1st and 2nd.

This came out as shocking news but it also draws attention to Sakai’s diet result and his replacement. The official website has a special page and Sakai is going to launch “Kazuki Sakai Diet Twitter”. If you are a fan please check out his new Twitter account to check out how his diet is going.

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