YOJI also known as: Yoji Biomehanika
YOJI is a DJ who describes his style as “tech dance” or “hard dance,” but his sound can also be described as hard trance. Aside for his music, he is also known for his distinctive and unique look, which makes him look more like a rock star than a DJ.
He’s won several awards in Europe and often participates in popular dance and trance events like the Dutch Sensationevent.
In 1981 YOJI had already started his musical career, but he played bass back then. Around 1989 he launched his DJ career and originally went by the name Yoji Biomehanika. He has also used the name OZAKA OZ.
YOJI created his own record label, HELLHOUSE, in 1998. That same year he started to organize hard dance parties at Shinjuku LIQUID ROOM. His parties, called GIGA, are still successful in Japan. In 1999 his first release, a single calledGO MAD! was released on vinyl via HELLHOUSE.
In 2000 YOJI went overseas and performed at European dance festivals like Creamfields in the UK and Dance Valley in the Netherlands. This was the start of his European career and he often returns to Europe for performances. The following year he released his first major album, Technicolor NRG Show, through the well-known AVEX label.
He won the “Best DJ” award at the UK Hard Dance music awards of 2003 and, a year later, he gained a spot in the “Dutch DJ Top 20.”
The term that YOJI likes to use for his music, tech dance, was created in 2007. He also used it for one of his albums,GIGA tech-dance extreme. His latest release is Techy Techy, which came out in February 2008 and was available in three versions: 12″ vinyl, MP3 and maxi CD. The artist will hit Australia, Europe, Japan and the US before the end of the year.
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