[LIVE REPORT] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, “100% KPP-WORLD TOUR”, first New York concert following performance in Los Angeles, ends in success



Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is currently on her “100% KPP-WORLD TOUR”. For the second day in the US, on April 14th, she held a solo concert at Best Buy Theater in New York, made famous with performances by BON JOVI, LINKIN PARK, and etc.

Following the Los Angeles concert, the New York concert also sold out. Loads of fans gathered around the venue from morning wearing Kyary’s costume from her MV. Once the concert hall opened, inside were 2,100 fans eagerly waiting for the show to start. For this 2nd day in the US, Kyary was in a good place, both physically and mentally. Before the show began, Kyary said that she felt like she could walk on stage relaxed.

The concert kicked off with “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution”. Stringing along 4 dancers, Kyary stepped on stage wearing the red & white costume that she wore in the MV for “Furisodation”. To that, the crowd went wild.

“Hello!! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!! Are you enjoying? Enjoy!!”
“Time will fly, but I’m going to sing many songs, so please enjoy!!”

She spoke much English in her MCs. Her performance to deliver the unique atmosphere of the Kyary-world showed no signs of fatigue despite her hard schedule.

At around the midpoint of the show, she changed into a lavender-colored dress. The setlist was centered around songs off of her May 2012 album, “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution”. The crowd was pleased to hear many tunes from the album that put her on the grid.

“You still have energy!? I’d like to sing a brand new song!”

With that MC, she began singing her new song, “Invader Invader”. Although, the track had not been released yet, the crowd cheered fanatically. The catchy, and easy-to-imitate choreography allowed fans to catch on and imitate on the fly.
After another costume change, the show approached its second half. Internationally popular songs, such as, “Fashion Monster”, and “Ninjari Ban Ban”, were next on the menu. Kyary and the audience uniting to sing Kyary’s songs in Japanese was a sight to remember. The main part of the show came to an end at a definitive climax.

Of course, as a call for an encore, the “Kyary Call”, lingered on. Kyary changed into her world tour T-shirt and came back on stage with a smile on her face that she couldn’t hide.

“Please take my picture with me? I’ll take one after, ‘1,2,3’”

After taking a picture, they all sang, “Tsukema Tsukeru” together. Her US shows ended in great success as she drew in the crowds with her passionate performance.

She is scheduled to release her new single, “Invader Invader” on May 15th, perform at Shibuya Public Hall on May 30th as a coming back show for her “100% KPP-WORLD TOUR. There is know doubt, she will be a sensation here in Japan too.

Photography: Aki Ishii

6th Single “Invader Invader”
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