flumpool, In Fluent Chinese Performs Together with a Major Taiwan Band, Mayday



flumpool appeared on stage on April 17th at the Live event 【TOKYO FM & JFN present EARTH×HEART LIVE 2013】 held at the NHK Hall, and performed together with a major Taiwan rock band Mayday.

This Live has been held annually since 1990 on Earth Day, April 22nd, as a Worldwide broadcast Concert by 38 JFN channels including TOKYO FM.

Triggered by the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011 in Japan, they changed the name to “EARTH×HEART LIVE”, connecting two anagrams, and has become a place to send messages to the Asian countries that face severe environmental problems.

The event is planned to be aired on Earth Day April 22nd from 7 PM by 38 JFN channels such as TOKYO FM and also Taiwan and other radio stations of Asia.

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