Za Ningen


Za Ningen Za Ningen’s aggressive, alternative sounds are always in full power with the vocalist’s high-toned shouts resembling death cries, and their lyrics so reserved and imaginary, yet addressing the modern society with honest self-expression in their own bizarre but unique way. They are an impressive new comer of today’s chaotic generation.
In 2008, Shimokawa (Vo.), rather an introvert back then, recruited members for a unit with a theme of ‘revenge against the human race’ in Kumamoto. In the following year, they participated in “Senkou Riot 2009” where they were given the ‘Elena Natsumi Award.’ They then relocated to Tokyo in April, 2010 and Abe (Ba.) joined the band. The invaded many stages of live houses in Tokyo and their self-produced CDs soon became sold out. After waiting for the right timing for an album release, Za Ningen’s very first full album “Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo” with 11 songs will finally be released nationwide in June, 2013.
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