MUCC, JAPAN TOUR, 7 cities 2 days tour announcement



MUCC’S Album Japan tour <MUCC Tour 2013 ”Shangri-La”> is coming to an end with their last live show performing at NHK Hall 2DAYS on March 30th and 31st. In the midst of their final show they have announced their fall tour <MUCC 2DAYS CIRCUIT 2013 “Hypnos & Thanatos”>. Having the Takamatsu show be their main engagement, they will tour 7 major cities this coming fall.

Their live show tour DVD「MUCC Tour 2013 ”Shangri-La”」which shows more vital performances than usual will be released this fall. This DVD contains tour footage which started on new year’s eve of 2012 at Zepp Higashimeihan and ended at the NHK Hall 2DAYS.

There are also rumors about events that might be held on April 22nd, where they will perform with FAKE, and a show scheduled for the 7th of June in Okinawa, the “Shangri-La” Ulafinal event.

MUCC 2DAYS CIRCUIT 2013 “Hypnos & Thannatos”
2013/10/12(Sat)Takamatsu MONSTER
2013/10/13(Sun)Takamatsu MONSTER
2013/10/18(Fri)Nagoya ELL
2013/10/19(Sat)Nagaoya ELL
2013/11/2(Sat)Oosaka STUDIO PARTITA
2013/11/3(Sun)Oosaka STUDIO PARTITA
2013/11/15(Fri)Sendai darwin
2013/11/16(Sat)Sendai darwin
2013/11/22(Fri)CLUB JUNK BOX Nagano
2013/11/23(Sat)CLUB JUNK BOX Nagano
2013/11/27(Wed)Shinkiba Studio Coast
2013/11/28(Thurs)Shinkiba Studio Coast
2013/12/7(Sat)Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
2013/12/8(Sun)Fukuoka DRUM Be-1

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