[Live Report] Eir Aoi × Luna Haruna, Double Head Liner at Seattle SAKURA-CON Great Success



“Eri Aoi×Luna Haruna Special Live” that took place in Seattle’s animation convention from March 29th (Fri) to 31st (Sun) turned out to be a great success.

SAKURA-CON held many events such as booths selling and introducing variety of anime contents, cosplay events and anime screening, panel discussion, signing autograph session by creators and artists. 70000 people attended this event making it a great success.

Of all the events planned, the one that was especially featured was . 5000 fans gathered to watch the live of two artists that came all the way from Japan. This was something no anime convention has done in the history where it was a double header project of TV animation “SWORD ART ONLINE”

When the two appeared on the stage and greeted the fans in English, “I’m so happy to meet you all”, the crowd broke into loud cheers. Luna Haruna sang the song from anime 2nd season ED “Sorahatakakukazehautau” “Fate/Zero” and a featured cover song “Mizunoakashi” of “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED”. Moreover, she introduced a new song that will be release on May 15th “Kimigakuretasekai” for the first time in the world. American fans looked very satisfied with her vigorous yet transparent voice. Green being her theme color, the venue was enfolded with green light stick swinging from side to side. She concluded the performance by her last song from dance ver. ED “Overfly” of “SWORD ART ONLINE”.

Eri Aoi started from OP”AURORA” of “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE”, and firing on to “Avaron Blue” “Lament” “Yumenoowari” from her album “BLAU” making the fans excited and colored the venue with blue with her overwhelming staging. When she sang the fairy dance ver. OP”INNOCENCE” of “SWORD ART ONLINE”, the fans screamed from excitement finishing off the stag with ED “MEMORIA” of “FATE/Zero” 1st season.

Everyone thought the live was over but Luna Haruna came back on the stage and had a special collaboration covering Anclaud ver. ED “Yumesekai” of “SWORD ART ONLINE” and Anclaud ver. OP “crossing field”. With this unexpected surprise, and the collaboration performance, American fans danced wildly with joy. Double head liner for the first time in history went beyond the barrier of the border and the language, finishing off with a great success.

2013 March 29th (Fri)~31st (Sun)
@Seattle WA U.S.A. Washington State Convention and Trade Center

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