M THREE from FAIRIES Made Their Debut at Idol Event’s Holy Land



M THREE from 6-girl Dance Vocal Group, Fairies, made their CD-debut event for “ YUMEMIRU DANCING DOLL (DREAMING DANCING DOLL)”at fountain patio in IKEBUKURO SUNSHINE, known as “Idol Event’s Holy Land”.

M THREE consists of three girls whose name starts with “M”, MIRIA (MIRIA FUJITA), MIKI (MIKI SHIMOMURA) and MAHIRO(MAHIRO HAYASHIDA).

They are normally dressed cool in a jacket and short pants but for M THREE, they’ve got cute 50’s dress look with oldie make-up, wigs and colored contact lenses. They expressed the old American Pops in their cuteness. Not to mention, the crowed screamed “Kawaii!”

After singing two songs in dresses, they showed up in “GAKURAN (A traditional boy high school uniform)”. It happened as an idea from the music video director and they all loved it saying “We always wanted to try that on.”. The dance had a movement that remind you of Cheer Boys as seen at school sport events, and probably it is meant for the new start for the spring.

MIKI SHIMOMURA said, “ I was nervous but once on the stage, I got to see so many people cheering us up. It was a great surprise to me. I’m so happy about it.” smiling in joy.

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