The American singer songwriter Michelle Branch and the Japanese singer songwriter Rihwa worked on a collaboration song, “GOOD LOVE”, which is now available on the iTunes stores of 112 countries!



Michelle Branch has debuted in 2001 with the album “THE SPIRIT ROOM”, released by the label Maverick Record, supervised by Madonna. She was 18 at the time. The 3 hit tracks “Everywhere”, “All You Wanted” and “Goodbye To You” have sold more than 4,000,000 copies around the world and 350,000 copies in Japan only.
She got the Grammy Award for “The game of love” with Santana and she is one of the most appreciated singer songwriter at the moment.

Rihwa got to know the music of Michelle Branch 6 years ago, while studying in Canada and Michelle’s talent fascinated her. It was Rihwa who made the offer to Michelle for a duet. Michelle, knowing that Rihwa too is a singer songwriter sharing with her the passion for Sheryl Crow’s music, made this wonderful collaboration possible.

Michelle Branch and Rihwa had an intense exchange about the form the song should take. It was finally Michelle Branch who composed “GOOD LOVE” with a country taste, a genre much loved by Rihwa. The result is a duet song where the taste of country music is tuned with country rock and English lyrics.

The singers’ comment
Rihwa’s comment:
“When I was studying at High School in Canada I chose to sing Michelle’s “All you wanted” in my vocal training class because it fit my taste. I was not even imagining that one day I could sing with Michelle.

I started music because I was moved by its power to connect people beyond language. Michelle and I were connected by music and we met. Now I am more convinced of what I felt when I started my activity as a musician.

This collaboration is the realization of a dream! We recorded separatedly, exchanging data, but I’d love to perform live with Michelle! If she agrees with that, I’ll reach her wherever she is!

I’m very happy, one of the songwriter I respect the most composed a song adapting it to me. I’ll sing it with all the emotions and the happiness that made this happen.”

Michelle Branch’s comment:
“Music is so powerful. It can cross barriers and bring people together.
When I heard Rihwa was a fan, I was very flattered.

I think one of the biggest perks of being an artist is having the opportunity to collaborate with other artists.

I can’t wait to meet Rihwa. We recorded our parts separately in Los Angeles and Japan.
I love hearing her voice on this song and I hope Japanese fans enjoy it too!”                                   

Don’t miss this wonderful collaboration between Michelle Branch and Rihwa.
Check “GOOD LOVE with Michelle Branch” (short version) on Youtube.

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