AYUSE KOZUE (アユセ・コズエ) , born in Chiba, Japan is a Japanese pop/r&b singer-songwriter on the Toys Factory record label. Ayuse first started when she decided she wanted to be a singer while in junior high, and even joined the dance team, hoping to fulfill that dream. During high school she studied desktop music (MIDIs, etc) through a music course and then bought her first computer. After hearing one of her tracks, Towa Tei jumped on board as her music director and released her debut single, “boyfriend” in April of 2006. She has since released five more singles, all of which she’s had some part in, whether it be writing the lyrics or composing the music. Kozue calls her genre of R&B “Rhythm & Beauty”. She has recently finished university. She was also a VJ for MTV Japan from July to September of 2006. She also has her own podcast on iTunes. On 2007.10.17 Ayuse released her debut album, “A♥K”.
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