Miwa Sasagawa


Miwa Sasagawa Miwa Sasagawa is a singer/songwriter born on 2/23/1983 in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. She began her career as a musician at an early age in her hometown in Niigata when she was still a student. Since the major debut with “Warai” in 2003, she has released a total of 9 singles and 4 albums. As her creativity and unique voice attracted much attention and became highly recognized, her songs were chosen as theme songs for various commercials and TV dramas. In 2007, Sasagawa decided to change to an Indies label and released 4 mini albums and 1 full album. In 2012, she participated in “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL” and re-contracted with Avex after 5 years since she last left. She then released a mini album “Oroka na Negai” in 8/2012 and the second mini album “Tokai no Akari” in 1/2013. She still lives in her hometown of Niigata as she stays active in the music scene with the support of her local fans.
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