Applicat Spectra / 3-Way Live Streaming Social Live in Collaboration with HACHIOJI-P



Applicat Spectra’s live event series [Applicat Spectra LIVESTREAM “Netscapes” supported by2.5D] was launched in November 2012 as a collaboration event with SOCIAL TV STATION “2.5D” located on the first floor of Shibuya PARCO. The last live of this series [“Netscapes” FINAL GIG] is scheduled for tonight, 1/28/2013(Wed/JST) with a stage by HACHIOJI-P, “the prince of vocaloids.” This final live will be broadcasted live via not only USTREAM, but also on Nico Nico Live Streaming and Ameba Pigg.

As Applicat Spectra has been active in the overseas music scenes, such as performing in Singapore last year, a lot of fans interested in Japanese internet culture began to support Applicat Spectra. HACHIOJI-P also has a strong overseas fan base with his CD release in Taiwan. This special collaboration of Applicat Spectra and HACHIOJI-P will not only be a significant event in the history of the internet culture in Japan, but also on a worldwide level. So, don’t miss out and tune in to join the fun!

Live Streaming Information:
[Applicat Spectra LIVE STREAM “Netscapes FINAL GIG” supported by 2.5D]
Date: 1/28/2013(Mon)
Venue: 2.5D Studio
Time: OPEN 19:30 / START 20:00
Artist Lineup: Applicat Spectra, HACHIOJI-P
VJ: Yoshida Yasuyuki

3-Way Live Streaming URLs:
Nico Nico Live Streaming:
Ameba Pigg:
(Live streaming area in Ameba Pigg: 2.5D Area)

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