white white sisters


white white sisters Electronic/Rock Band white white sisters, formed by 
vocalist/guitarist/ programmer Yuya Matsumura 
Drummer Kitaro Hiranuma
VJ/art director Kouta Tajima 
formed in Japan in 2008.
They released 1st mini album [euphoriaofeuphobia] in July 2010. They absorbed both electronic and rock elements to create a completely new and unknown beautiful edgy sound, which at the same time has contributed to boost their profile as one of the most distinguished music producers and event organizer in Japan.
They played at SUMMER SONIC 2010(Tokyo) largest festival in Japan 2days, and MINAMI WHEEL 2010 (in Osaka) and SAKAE SP-RING 2010 (in Nagoya). At this time they are most popular bands in some large festivals as new comer artists in Japan.
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