Schroeder-Headz Led by Shunsuke Watanabe, Schroeder-Headz is a post-jazz trio consisting of piano, bass, and drums. Blending an acoustic trio sound with electronic programming, the group uses beautiful melodies and organic grooves to create an impressive vision of the future of the piano trio. The group takes its name from toy piano player Schroeder from the famous Peanuts comic strip, and a peek inside the mind of a boy influenced by classical, jazz, dance, and electronic music. The name also expresses the respect the group has for the Vince Guaraldi Trio, composers of the iconic music from the Peanuts animation.
The group released its debut album, “Newdays”, in 2010, followed by a covers EP, “Piano a la Carte Featuring Schroeder-Headz”, in 2011. The EP, which features Peanuts character Schroeder in the album artwork, includes a cover of electronic artist De De Mouse’s hit “Baby’s Star Jam”. The group gained praise for its unique take on the song, which fused electronic music with live performance, and utilized De De Mouse’s original vocal track.
The group performed at a number of festivals across Japan in 2012, including Shizuoka Itadaki 2012, Sunset Live 2012, and Minami Wheel, and made appearances in 2013 at Greenroom Festival ’13 and Fukuoka’s Nakasu Jazz 2013, among others. They also teamed up with singer Asako Toki to perform as “Asako Toki Meets Schroeder-Heads”, taking part in jazz festivals and events such as Sapporo City Jazz Ezo Groove 2013, 12th Sakaiminato Yokai Jazz Festival 2013, Jozenji Street Jazz Festival in Sendai, Takasaki Music Festival 2013 TMF Jazz 4 Days, and Jazz Japan Presents Girls’ Jazz Live Aid 2013. In December 2013, the group released remix EP “Sleepin’ Bird”, and gained further fan interest by releasing the EP’s multitrack recordings online.
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