ANIMAX MUSIX: Taiwan concert hugely successful!


ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 TAIWAN, the first overseas concert version of the ANIMAX MUSIX anime music concert event run by ANIMAX Broadcast Japan, which operates the ANIMAX anime channel, was held on Sunday, November 4 at the ATT SHOW BOX in Taipei!

ANIMAX MUSIX is based on the concept of introducing the joy of anime music to the world. This started with the ANIMAX channel in Japan, and is now spreading worldwide through global ANIMAX and Sony Pictures channels. ANIMAX MUSIX 2012 TAIWAN was the first international paying event held, based on this global popularity, and about 2000 fans attended. May’n, KOTOKO, Yuuka Nanri, and Sea*A all performed, giving their all to 23 songs, including covers and collaborations only available from ANIMAX MUSIX. The concert was a huge success.

About the Taiwan concert
Held on: November 4 (Sun)
Show 1: Doors opened at 13:00, concert began at 14:00
Show 2: Doors opened at 18:00, concert began at 19:00
Held at: ATT SHOW BOX (in Taipei)
May’n, KOTOKO, Yuuka Nanri, Sea*A
Sponsored by Puffin Entertainment Ltd., co-sponsored by ANIMAX Broadcast Japan

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