Hemenway / Digital Release of Mini Album in 20 Countries!


Celebrating the first year anniversary of major debut on 11/2, Hemenway is getting ready to rock the world once again with their new album “Ura-Heme: Welcome to the Other Side” to be digitally released worldwide in 20 countries on 11/21. As the title speaks for itself, Hemenway wants to express ‘the other side’ of their usual pop rock tunes through 6 rather intense and unpredictable numbers bursting with emotions in this new album.

Every single song will most certainly impress you with various challenges that Hemenway chose to face as they tried different ways of recording, mixing and mastering to share their ‘other side’ with you to the fullest. Especially for track 2 ‘Gensou to Dance,’ Shindo Haruichi from Porno Graffitti wrote the lyrics to Hemenway’s signature number familiar to fans that have been to their live performances since their debut. Make sure to check out how the song is rearranged and of course, the new lyrics, too! For track 6, ‘Dream Fighter’ (originally by Perfume) is reborn into a pleasantly surprising rock tune cover with English lyrics by Isaac and Charm. 4 tracks from “Ura-Heme: Welcome to the Other Side” are now available for sampling as follows:

Track 2 ‘Gensou to Dance’:
Track 4 ‘Honoo’:
Track 5 ‘Anosa’:
Track 6 ‘Dream Fighter’:

Check out the tunes above and mark your calendar for 11/21! Don’t pass on this chance to get to know Hemenway in depth as they expand their horizons and break down the walls of music genres and boundaries.

Release Information:
“Ura-Heme: Welcome to the Other Side”
Release Date: 11/21/2012
*Digital release only
*Available in 20 countries worldwide

Live Information:
2nd Solo Live Tour “Welcome to Hemenway St.”

Date: 12/7/2012(Fri)
Venue: ell. SIZE, Nagoya
Time: OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00 (JST)
Info: SUNDAY FOLK PROMOTION +81-52-320-9100 (Japanese only)

Date: 12/9/2012(Sun)
Venue: LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE, Osaka
Time: OPEN 15:30 / START 18:00 (JST)
Info: Kyodo Information +81-6-7732-8888 (Japanese only)

Date: 12/14/2012(Fri)
Venue: Shibuya WWW, Tokyo
Time: OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00 (JST)
Info: SOGO TOKYO +81-3-3405-9999 (Japanese only)

*Ticket price for all venues is 2,000 yen with 1 drink minimum.
*Regular ticketing is now in progress as below:
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