During her junior high school years in Argentina, SHISHIDO KAVKA began to play the drums at the age of 14. By 18, she had already joined the circle of professional musicians. She became famous as ‘the beautiful drummer who plays with a miniskirt’ and her potentials as a drummer/vocalist have been recognized by Kenji Ohshima(THE HIGH-LOWS) and Satoru Hiraide (producer of UVERworld) and she also started modeling at the same time. Since her digital debut on 5/16/2012 with “Day Dream Rider,” she has been featured in various media and attracted much attention. She also became active with her lives where she not only performed her powerful drum play, but also an emotional stage of singing which was unpredictable for a female performer with such looks. She made her CD debut on 9/19/2012 with “Aisuru Kakugo.”
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