Dream is a Japanese pop girl group signed to the Avex Trax since 2000 and Rhythm Zone since 2009.
In 1999 Avex Trax organized a huge talent contest, called “Avex Dream 2000”, with the aim of finding the right and talented girls for a new group. The result was dream, a three-piece group consisting of Mai Matsumuro, Kana Tachibana, and Yu Hasebe. Since the group’s debut in 2000 under the Avex Trax label, it has undergone many changes. The original trio member has sold 950,700 record labels. In all, the trio has sold over 1,100,000 records over the span of 10 years.
On July 7, 2002, the main lyricist Mai Matsumuro left the group to pursue a solo career. After Matsumuro’s departure, Avex held another audition to replaced Matsumuro. Instead of one, six new members had won the audition, The result is eight-member (Dream) group with the debut single “Music is My Thing”. On March 2004, Ai Risa left to pursue a solo career. They became a 7 member group as performed this way until 2007. During this time, the band’s name changed from dream to DRM.
In August 2008, Yu Hasebe left the group to pursue a solo career, leaving Kana Tachibana behind as the only original member of dream. Afterward, DRM became Dream again.
In August 2010, Dream released their official major re-debut single, “My Way: Ulala” under the Rhythm Zone label.
On November 24, 2010, Dream released their first album as a six-member group, titled Hands Up! under the Rhythm Zone label.
On November 23, 2010, Tachibana announced that she would leave the group. This marked the departure of the last member of the original three-member group. She officially left the group on February 19, 2011.
Erie Abe
Aya Takamoto
Ami Nakashima
Shizuka Nishida
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