Dorothy Little Happy


Dorothy Little Happy Five-member idol group from Sendai. All the members are currently living in Sendai. 1st single through the independent label “JUMP!” was released in August 2010. After gaining dominant popularity in their hometown Tohoku district, Dorothy Little Happy major debuted in March 2011 through avex trax. Thanks to their high-qualified vocal and dance performance as well as straight and cheerful personality, single “Tobidase! Summertime”charted #2 on Oricon Daily Chart, followed by “Kazeyo Hayaku” which was ranked #17 on Oricon Weekly Chart. Collaboration single “GET YOU” with unorthodox idol group BiS, which had strong impact on the public as ‘miracle collaboration’, charted #11 on Oricon Weekly Chart, which is highest ever ranking for them.
Their ads slogan is “Once you listen, you feel like dancing. Once you see, everyone will fall in love”.
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