j-Pad Girls / Ultimate Human Beat Box! Covers by Social Media Beauties Unit “j-Pad Girls” in ‘Zenbu Jibun (All by Myself)’ Version!


1st Release: ‘Just the way you are’ Bruno Mars cover by May (ex-member of Sweet Vacation)
Project unit “j-Pad Girls” in promotion of social media art from Tokyo to the world succeeded in reaching the goal on the crowd funding site “CAMPFIRE” within 19 hours of their fundraiser. The members of j-Pad Girls are now beginning a series of releases for the whole world!
For the first release, Bruno Mars cover of ‘Just the way you are’ by May from j-Pad Girls will be released on 9/12/2012 worldwide via iTunes, amazonMP3, spotify and other download sites and services. For domestic services in Japan, download is available via Reco Choku and other mobile sites.
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Following the release by May on 9/12, ‘Rashiku Ikimasho’ cover by Maki Funada from j-Pad Girls will be released on 9/19, and ‘Kimi wo nosete’ cover by Maki Aizawa from j-Pad Girls on 10/3. Each song will be available for worldwide download, along with its video clip. The full versions of 3 artists’ video clips shot at the end of July with major supporters of CAMPFIRE have been uploaded on YouTube and receiving much attention and response
【j-Pad Girls Official YouTube Channel】
・May from j-Pad Girls / ‘Just the way you are’ (Bruno Mars)
・Maki Funada from j-Pad Girls / ‘Rashiku Ikimasho’ (Sailor Moon)
・Maki Aizawa from j-Pad Girls / ‘Kimi wo nosete’ (LAPUTA)
j-Pad Girls’ concept is to present all of their songs in ‘Zenbu Jibun’ version, which literally means ‘all by myself’ that all the sounds and videos are created by the artists themselves. Their goal is to keep the series of releases going until they reach 100 artists. Currently, they are already preparing for the second series of releases by 4 artists.
Mizuki Yamashita’s recording and video clip unfortunately did not make it on time for the first series of releases due to poor health conditions, but her release will be made along with the artists of the second series.