7!! / First live performance overseas in Jakarta, Indonesia!!


A newcomer band from Okinawa, 7!! (pronounced seven oops) performed at “Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012” on Sep.1 at Jakarta International Expo. “AFA” is one of the largest anime festivals in South East Asia where many Japanese animation and Japan anime song fans gathered from all over the world. “AFA” has since been egarded as the platform to reach out to Japanese contents lovers and “AFA Singapore 2011” attracted more than 80,000 visitors. his is the first time “AFA” held in Indonesia. There were numerous exhibitors inside and outside Japan, such as anime related companies, Japanese food stalls, hair dressing industries and so forth. Japanese styled Maid and Butler cafes were full of people and many cosplayers enjoyed wearing their original uniforms.
At the press conference which held the day before the concert, we had over 50 local medias which showed the great interest toward the first anime festival in Indonesia. On the day of the concert, local fans who waited for the long time for the event had made long queue in the early morning in front of the entrance of JIEXPO. Before the ani-song (abbreviation for Japanese animation song) concert, all artists performing that day including 7!! appeared on the stage to greet the audience using Indonesian, English and Japanese language to express great enthusiasm for the concert then fans became ecstatic, cheers arouse, waved their hands and shouted her name in response.
Even before the concert, 7!!’s CDs sold out, and throughout the CD autograph session, fans shouted band member’s names and many of them asked for the new information on 7!! . It was surprising to see fans in Indonesia have known 7!! , even it was a first time for the band to go outside Japan.
When the live performance of 7!! started, about 3000 audiences gathered and hundreds of people waved their light sticks, singing along with the band, cheering and screaming out the band’s names. MAIKO(drums) introduced the band in Okinawa dialect and interacted with audience teaching some words such as “Menso-re”(meaning “welcome” in Okinawa dialect) Once MAIKO asked to say it loud, everyone at the venue called out “Menso-re!” This was a moment that everyone in the whole venue became as one through the music. When the band performed their 2nd single “Lovers”(theme song for animation “NARUTO” ) and 3rd single “Bye Bye” (theme song for animation “Kimi to Boku”) for their last two songs, the venue was filled with deafening cries of joy from the audience and many sang along with the band. After the show, applause filled the venue and wouldn’t stop as if it was going to last forever.
The band’s all tracks in 4 singles including new single “Sweet Drives” are now available on digital downloading in 19 countries via iTunes/Amazon.

7!! Biography
7!!(pronounced seven oops)
A 4-pieces band formed on year 2004 from in Okinawa.
The group made a major debut on April 2011, singing “Fallin Love” as the theme song for movie “Highschool Debut”.
Their 2nd Single “Lovers” was the theme song for anime “Naruto-Shippuden”.
Their 3rd Single “Bye Bye” was made famous around the world as the theme song for anime “Kimi to Boku.”.
Also, “Nijiiro” was chosen as the Monday~Friday theme song for American Information Television Program “FCI Morning Eye” and the song is currently aired.
The 4th single “Sweet Drive”, that will include the long-awaited song “Nijiiro” released August 22.
7!!’s all tracks included in singles are now available on iTunes /Amazon in 19 countries around the world.
Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012
Date: Sept.1-2 (concert of 7!! was on Sept.1)
Venue: Jakarta International Expo
AFA Indonesia:
Sep.1 (Sat) 7!! / Ichiro Mizuki / bless4 /LiSA
Sep.2 (Sun) KOTOKO / Sea☆A / STEREO PONY / angela
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7!! VEVO
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Digital Release
The artist’s all tracks in 4 singles including new single “Sweet Drives” is now available for
International digital downloading(i-Tunes/ Amazon) in19 countries

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Canada, United States
Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands
Australia, New Zealand
United States/United Kingdom/Germany/Austria/Switzerland
CD Release in Japan
4th Single “Sweet Drive”
Aug. 22
ESCL-3952  ¥1,020(tax included)
1. Sweet Drive
2. Nijiiro (Theme song for US TV program “FCI Morning Eye”)
3. Sweet Drive Instrumental