RYUKYUDISKO is a techno duo from Okinawa, Japan.
The members are brothers RKD1 and RKD2(Tetsushi Hiroyama & Yosuke Hiroyama)
, and are signed to the Ki/oon Record label of Japan.
Ryukyudisko have created their signature sound by combining traditional music from their native Okinawa with techno. While the two types of music might seem quite dissimilar, the blend creates an engaging, fresh sound. Okinawan music based largely on simple stringed instruments played in a syncopated style, which some have dubbed “Japanese reggae”, is very human sounding by its nature. The contrasting parts of Ryukyudisko’s music – the earthy, emotional aspects of Okinawa music and the machine-powered driving, modern sound of techno – mix to create a unique flavor. The group officially consists of two brothers, Testushi Hiroyama (rhythm and sequence) and Yosuke Hiroyama (vocals, mix, effects), who call themselves RKD1 and RKD2 respectively. Both were DJing, initially independently, but eventually started working together. Their sound is sometimes augmented by guests, most frequently vocalist Natsuki Nakamura. They have also collaborated with Naoto of Okinawan based pop group Orange Range and techno icon Takkyu Ishino. Besides recording together, Ryukyudisko have also played three times at the Takkyu Ishino organized event STERNE. Ryukyudisko initially played around in their local area, but were soon making visits to Tokyo and other cities. One of their first big shows was WIRE04 in July 2004, where the full throttle enthusiasm of the audience caused alarm for the organizer’s crowd control staff. They have since played at WIRE05, Fuji Rock 2005, Summer Sonic 2005, Rock in Japan Festival 2005, Rising Sun 2005 and Asagiri Jam 2005. The fact that they have played nearly every major festival in Japan in 2005, booked by various promoters, is in itself quite a testament to their growing popularity. Their debut recording, a mini-album called Lequio Disk was released on the independent label Platik in June 2004. Two of the seven tracks on the album contain samples from the well known and respected Okinawan group Rinken Band. The group released the live DVD Lequio Live – Live at WIRE04 in November 2004. In March 2005 Ryukyodisko released their debut album Ryukyudisk O Tech in a day-glo orange package with an Okinawan print. Their CD single “Churazima’ was released June 29, 2005, with cover art of an Okinawan temple guarded by two long necked “shisa”, the mythical lion-dog of Okinawa. Demand for the band’s live performance shows no signs of slacking, and they have already been booked for Rockin’ On magazine’s New Year event Countdown Japan 05-06. While the group has yet to venture overseas, Rykukyudisko’s reputation has already grown internationally. Ryukyudisko are not only one of the best Japanese techno artists, but they have also spawned a brand of techno that is uniquely of their home country.
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