Mineta Kazunobu: Vocals/Guitar
Chin Nakamura: Guitar
Abiko Shinya: Bass
Murai Mamoru: Drums
GING NANG BOYZ is the successor to the rock band “Going Steady”. Similar to the former band, the main themes in GING NANG BOYZ’s music are love and boredom; their style is often referred to as “Youth Punk”. As the genre implies, the majority of the band’s fan base consist of young adolescents.
The band was formed in early 2003 by Mineta shortly after the breakup of his former band “Going Steady”. During the interval of two years between 2003 to 2004, the band held constant live performances as well as working on new music in the studio. The results were two full-length albums released at the beginning of 2005. A major success for an indie band, the albums reached the 6th and 7th places on the Oricon Ranking Chart. After the successful release of the albums, the band started a nation-wide tour, but due to several injuries and bone fractions caused by Mineta’s highly energized performances, many tour dates were postponed. When performing at the annual ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL the same year, Mineta was brought in by the police due to public indecency.
The GING NANG BOYZ have been touring and recently released a DVD consisting of concert footage and documentaries.
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