Misako Uno


Misako Uno (born July 16th, 1986; Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese singer, actress and dancer member of the popular J-Pop band (Attack All Around) since their debut in September, 2005.
Uno was a Tokyo Women’s University student. In 2002, she passed an Avex Audition.
She starred in the US movie “The Grudge 2″ alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar. There she had a solo song (End of this Way), included in the movie’s OST. It was released alongside of Japan release of The Grudge 2.
It was said that Misako would take part in the horror film Saw IV, with a role to play, but Avex rejected the offer because of the high level of psychological disturbance (and sadistic scenes) it could contain, and that wasn’t the right image the audience had to get of her.
Uno released her first photobook entitled UNO, in 2009.
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