Formed in 1994 by vocalist, guitarist, and Rolling Stones freak Don Matsuo, Zoobombs channel old-school rock and roll and update it with hip-hop, country, punk rock, dub, funk, and even kraut-rock, all topped off with an overdose-size shot of pure energy. The band hit the Japanese underground circuit shortly after forming, and were soon favorites in the Shimokitazawa area, a Tokyo indie music hotspot.
After independently releasing four cassettes, Zoobombs inked a deal with the Quattro/Ricetone label in 1996, releasing Super Funcy of Zbons, Welcome Back, Zoobombs, and Let it Bomb. Indie label Emperor Norton picked up Welcome Back, Zoobombsfor release in the US in 1998 and Let it Bomb in 1999, giving the band significant exposure through the press and wild live shows (including opening slots for Flaming Lips and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) and garnering them a strong base of fans. In 1999, the band scored a deal with Toshiba-EMI, and their music gained a funkier dimension, in part due to the addition of a new percussionist and a change in drummers.
Their 2000 Toshiba-EMI release, Bomb Freak Express, received heavy promotion from the label, and took the band to a new level of popularity in Japan. Later that year, the indie imprint Odeon releasedBomb Freak Express, the third US release for the band. An Australian tour ensued, and upon their return, they were rejoined by original drummer Bukkabilly, pumping out the Double drummer-fueled Dirty Bomb and the live album Bomb You Live. After more member rotation, the band released Love is Funky in 2002 and New San Francisco in 2004, the latter on P-Vine Records. In addition to continuing their relentless domestic and overseas touring, Zoobombs publish a popular monthly newsletter and run a merchandising company called Zoobombsha.
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