Maki Nomiya


Maki Nomiya
Debuted in 1981 with “Pink Heart.” Following a turn in Portable Rock, became an archetypical figure on the 80s New Wave scene. Joined Pizzicato Five in the 90s and became wildly popular both domestically and overseas as an icon of the Shibuya-kei music scene. Now, she contributes her entirely unique presence and voice to multiple fields, including music, art, culture and fashion. Her essence is distilled and captured in her theatrical live performances, which are garnering in recent years top reviews. July 2011 marked the 30th anniversary of her debut, “30-Greatest Self Covers & More!!!” will be released on 2012/01/25 and there wiil be her concert at Shibuya ON AIR EAST on 2012/03/19.
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