Art Cube / New Album Release & Tour


Art Cube are releasing their first album “Kikei Bako~bad ass cube~” under a new music label. The new album is available in 2 CD types with a different combination of 6 songs each. The “OTHER TYPE” comes in a special DVD package. Art Cube is currently on a nationwide tour “Yume no Iro ni Somerareta Kikei Bako” with this new album release.
Release Information:
“Kikei Bako~bad ass cube~”
Release on 7/25/2012
TYPE A [RSC-0001] (CD) 2,625 yen
TYPE B [RSC-0002] (CD) 2,625 yen
OTHER TYPE [RSC-0003] (DVD) 3,465 yen *PV + making-of clip + live clips
*Each type includes 1 random trading card out of 4 types
Official Website: